SEO – 7 New Keywords on Page 1 of Google and 123% Increase in Impressions in the First 3 Months


Client Background

The client is a clinic in Singapore dedicated to helping disabled children with various conditions. Some of the services they provide include early intervention program, occupational therapy, educational psychology, paediatric physiotherapy, testing for ADH & Autism among many other. In the beginning of the project, we had to go through a comprehensive keyword research process and identify the areas that are of highest importance for the client as well as considering the search volume in Singapore and thus make our decision on the keywords that will be pursued.

Past results and client challenge

At the point of starting the project the client had zero SEO work done on the website. SEO was not even an area the client was considering important or had any intentions of pursuing before we proposed it to them and explained the potential that it has. Along with identifying the critical keywords to be pursued, we had to also identify key new pages that needed to be created as well as some restructuring of the website.



In the space of the first 3 months we helped the client achieve the following results:

Ending the period with 7 keywords on page 1 of Google
Ranking for 7 brand new keywords that previously not ranked at all
Ending the period with 4 keywords within top 5 on Google's first page, including 3 keywords on the top position in Google, 2 of which were not ranked at all 3 months prior
123% increase in impressions between starting point and 3 months after
Building 160+ backlinks all from websites with authority scores of 20+

SEO health score of 91

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