SEO – 24 Brand New Keywords on Page 1 of Google


Client Background

The client runs a real estate videography and photography company in Southern California. They work with both residential and commercial properties and they specific area of focus is videography of multi-million dollar value properties. When we started working with them they had already been in the market for a number of years.

The client was confident that they offer the best possible service on the market and they only need to get in front of people’s eyes in order to make an impact and further expand their already growing client base.

Past results and client challenge

When we took over the job, there was no SEO work done on the website at all. The client was ranking for a very limited number of keywords (mostly related to their brand name).

Regardless of their great Google reviews they were not ranking high on Google Maps either.

Therefore we needed to look at developing a wide range approach so that they can get an overall increase in their visibility as a business.



In the space of the first 4 months we helped the client achieve the following results:

Getting the client to rank on page 1 on Google for 31 of their most important keywords
16 keywords within top 5 on Google's first page
Achieving an organic ranking on Google Maps for a number of the client's most important keywords
A significant improvement in the number of impressions and the quality and number of organic leads acquired
Building 250+ referring domains and 1.1k backlinks

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