Google Ads – 3300+ Mobile App Installs in the First 3 Months

Google Ads – 3300+ Mobile App Installs in the First 3 Months


Client Background

The client was launching a brand new mobile app related to social media.

The overarching idea of the app is to connect younger public by allowing them to share their calendars and organize interactive events using each other’s friend’s network.

As this was a brand new app, we needed to come up with an efficient strategy of how to promote it based on the product that was being offered.

Past Result and Client Challenge

As this was a new app and it was offering an unknown product it was clear that there would be no demand within the google search network for it. On top of that the client was operating with a very minimalistic website consisting of the company logo plus download links for iOS and Android. No other content was present.

Therefore, we made the decision that at least for the initial stages of our collaboration, only Universal App Campaign (UAC) were to be used. This type of campaign was deemed to be the most effective for an unknown product trying to break into the market.



In the space of the first 3 months we helped the client achieve the following results:

An overall of 3213 installs for Android
A decrease in cost per install from over 9$ in the first 2 weeks down to 3.68$
-108 installs for iOS in the first 2 weeks with cost per install also progressively going down
An overall progression in the number of installs and impressions per day as time goes on

Campaigns Structure and Results

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