Google Ads – 90+ Conversions in the First 3 Months in a Highly Competitive Industry


Client Background

The client operates in the space of providing loans to medical professionals – doctors, vets, dentists etc.

In comparison to a generic bank or a loan broker, our client offer special deals specifically in the medical industry and on top of that provides connections in the sphere of equipment provision to their clients.

Doctors, vets and dentists can not only apply for loans for personal use, home ora car loans, but they also get special industry knowledge from our client as to what is the best equipment provider if they want to fit out their practices.

Past Result and Client Challenge

One of the biggest challenges for the client is the industry in which they operate and the extremely expensive cost per click related to it. The typical cost per click can range anything between 7$ and 35$ if no measures are put into place.

The competition in the industry is very also high and the demand is not overwhelming as a lot of industry professionals aren’t aware that they can get better loan conditions if they use a specialized provider like our client.



In the space of the first 3 months we helped the client achieve the following results:

An overall of 92.6 conversions at 106.98$ per conversions. Conversions were in the form of submitted forms and calls from website and ads.
An impression share of 49.22% and absolute top impression share of 52.9% which gave our client N1 impression spot within the competition
Improvement in the CTR from 10.08% to 11.95% (from search campaigns) in comparison to the 3 months prior to us taking over. Re-writing the ad copy and optimizing the campaign settings were the major factors helping that increase

Campaigns Structure and Results

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