Google Ads – 2283% Increase in the Number of Leads with a CTR of 8.44%


Client Background

The client operates in the space of real estate marketing. Whenever there is a person/organization that want to sell their property, they would require professional photography and videography so that the property can be well presented in the market and its chances of being sold increased.

Aside from creating professional photo and video shoots for properties, what our client also does is create professional sales listings, making the job of the property seller even easier.

Client Challenge

The client had Google Ads running for 8 months before we took over and they had an overall of 6 conversions in that period. This was well below what the target for the client was and was not sustainable long term for them.



The revamped advertising strategy resulted in:

143 conversions in the form of sent enquiries, chats started, emails received and calls from ads and from the client's website in the space of 4.5 months
A 2283% increase in leads generated
CTR of 8.44% average for all campaigns
An average of 67% bounce rate
A steady increase in the number of visitors to the client's website

Campaigns Breakdown

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